What is TEC University?

front-signTEC University is the unparalleled, hands-on training and coaching division of Trinity Equestrian Center; the Mid-West’s leader in Equine Assisted Therapy.

We know the sustainability and success of any Equine Therapy Practice is anchored in your understanding and proficiency in four key areas; Your Practice, Your Business, Your Marketing & Your Fundraising.

After nearly 15 years of doing this work, and serving hundreds of clients, providing thousands of sessions, we know we started and grew our practice the hard way…no coaching, no tools and no templates.  We traveled the country to be certified by some of the most well-known, world-wide organizations and still knew very little about how to successfully launch and deliver our services.  We had all the passion we needed, but had no practical training.

Today we not only have a successful and growing practice, but a deep desire to share our blessings and what we’ve learned with those who would rather learn from we who have struggled and succeeded, than to struggle and stumble themselves.  No wasted money, time and effort… you are simply a phone call away from your success.

Why TEC?

TEC University (TECU)  is our team helping your team with a hands-on, from start to finish approach that will set you up for success and assist you in launching or relaunching your practice.

We hold contracts with 22 counties and 5 residential and out-patient facilities in our region to provide our services. In addition, we are in the process of developing therapeutic collaboration with our state’s VA hospital for our Veteran services and a regional hospital for our Therapeutic Riding program. We can help you cultivate, grow and maintain the key relationships you will need to have a successful Equine Assisted Therapy Practice.

Our Credentials

american red cross

  •  Named the Mid-West Leader in Equine Therapy specializing in Veteran Care by WDVA
  • Recognized and heralded in 2014, 2015 and 2016 by Sec. Scocos of the WDVA, Gov. Walker, Lt. Governor Kleifisch, Brigadier General Scott Legwold, Senator Terry Moulton, Rep. Warren Petryk and Senator Petrowski
  • Awarded the 2016 American Red Cross, WI Chapter “Heroes For Veterans”
  • Testified 4 times at the hearings for the WI Senate & House Committees on Veteran Affairs to help influence the Governor to add to the annual budget a grant fund to support NPO serving Veterans. It was successful and will be added in the 2017 budget.