Business Development and Consulting

 From Passion to Purpose

horses teachingWith our 4-Day Intensive Training – “From Passion to Purpose” you will receive face-to-face personal training time with our Business Consultants, Marketing Strategists, EAP Business Developers and Certified Therapeutic Riding Managers with over 60 years of combined experience. Our team of experts will help you put “meat on the bones” of your Passion and move you into living your Purpose so you can begin changing lives!

Our training is broken down into modules of the Four Keys to Sustainability and Success; your Business, your Practice, your Marketing and your Fundraising. Daily we visit each module helping to deepen your understanding of it, taking practical developmental steps forward and giving you the all-important opportunity to live your training.

Your training takes place in the classroom, pastures and arenas. We will role play and work in actual sessions with cooperating clients to maximize your learning experience. (off-site training limits our ability to include cooperating clients)


You wiarenall learn and actually practice how to:

  • compose your professional team
  • conduct an assessment using the proper, required forms
  • plan and execute an actual session
  • incorporate your horse into every session
  • design and execute therapeutic activities
  • ask the right questions at the right time during a session
  • design and implement a Volunteer Incentive Program
  • and so much more!

We will help you design funding plans for your Equine Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding programs for individuals, groups, at-risk youth, wounded women, Veterans, corporate clients and more.

You will leave with and having practiced using:

  • the essential templates and samples of intake documents
  • assessment forms & required documents
  • letters
  • program formats
  • samples of lesson/session plans
  • budgets
  • contracts
  • grants
  • evaluation methods
  • policy & procedures
  • and much more.

You will not only learn how to, but have our team help you design, sell, evaluate and position your practice and programs to deliver proven, relevant and fundable services!

This workshop is perfect for administrators, board members, program directors, mental health practitioners, equine specialists, those that are in the start-up, re-start or dream phase.



On-Site 4-Day Program (Our Facility) $1,500/Person (2 person/min) + cost of tools
Off-Site 4-Day Program (Your Facility) $5,000 (unlimited attendees) + cost of tools and travel expenses for two trainers