L.I.F.E. Skills

Learn, Involve, Forgive, Engage

(8 Week Equine Assisted Learning Group)

purpose matrix 1Our youth today are exposed to and struggle with so many different issues than ever before.  Internet bullying, teen drug abuse, alcoholism, gang involvement, human trafficking, teen pregnancy, violence and crime. These things are present in nearly all communities, not just in the metro and inner-cities. Studies show that nearly ALL youth and teenagers are “at-risk”.

The expression “at risk youth” refers to a youth or teen who struggles with emotional and behavioral issues that can lead them into areas and situations which risk their personal development and ultimately their future.

Skills that last a Lifetime: Equine Assisted Therapy is a very effective treatment modality perfectly suited for at risk or underprivileged youth and teens.  Studies show spending time with a horse reduces stress, anxiety and invites new learning and engagement.  Enjoyable as it is, it is not merely recreational or haphazard.  This method is structured and very intentional and it produces measurable positive outcomes.


How Our Program Works:
Trinity Equestrian Center’s L.I.F.E. Skills is an 8-week Equine Assisted Learning group that helps at-risk youth and teens on many levels.  It helps them combat defiance, anger, low self-esteem and mood disorders and helps fosters empathy and compassion by working with horses.

life-skills-3Horses have a uncommon way of breaking down barriers and well-built defense mechanisms.  Youth and teens who struggle with relationships and authority surprisingly accept the horse’s presence and feedback seemingly without question.  A new relationship is developed based on respect, trust and patience which then, with these new skills, helps the youth form and maintain healthy relationships with people outside the arena.

Horses are amazing teachers and therapists.  We use an experiential therapy model (learn by doing and doing differently).  Students quickly learn that a patient, calm approach is rewarded by the horse’s acceptance of them and willingness to cooperate. They quickly find out that anger and aggression only produces distance and disappointment.  But if they are willing to try doing it differently, many positive things begin to happen.

Horses are perfect examples of “living in the moment” and the law of cause and effect.  By working with horses, students learn their actions and behaviors have consequences, good and bad.  The way they communicate, their body and how they approach the horse all have a bearing on the ultimate flow and results.  They learn that taking a different approach produces different results.  That’s a game changer for most!

L.I.F.E Skills can help at-risk youth to:
•   Improve problem solving and social skills
•    Learn and practice empathy and      compassion
•    Accept consequences of their actions
•    Learn better ways to manage stress and anger and what their triggers are
•    Increase feelings of hopefulness, hope and overall well-being
•    Learn better ways to communicate and that we each may do it differently
•    Improve self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image
•    Grow and maintain healthy relations with appropriate boundaries.
•     Realize that their future is in their hands and control and there is a purpose to it



L.I.F.E. Skills Program “Learn, Involve, Forgive & Engage” $300.00