Personal and Professional Development

confusion.inddWhen we go through transitions in life, such as changes in our job or maybe a relationship, it often shakes us to the core. It can cause us to reevaluate our goals and priorities and depending on the circumstances, can even challenge our confidence, our identity and our self-esteem.

Many people look at this transition as overwhelming, un-nerving and full of uncertainty. It certainly can be, depending on how you approach it.  Oftentimes it helps to have an outside perspective, a coach that can help you realize that you are in control of your “life rhythm” and as you embrace that notion, you are empowered to redefine your purpose, pursue it and ultimately live it.

Your TECU personal growth development takes place in-office and in the arena.  It’s effective, experiential and unapologetically enjoyable.


purpose-wall-frontStep 1: Discover Your Purpose

Proverbs 29:18 reads, “Where there is no vision (purpose), the people perish”.

We start with the DISCOVERY (3-4 hours on-site, including a 1-hour Equine Assisted Growth and Learning.  You share with us who you are, where you came from, and most importantly, where you want to go.  We walk you through our very own Purpose Matrix – helping you to evaluate and assess your 6 key categories of life; Spirit, Mind, Body, Relationships, Career, and Finances.


We Help You:

  • set specific, strategic and doable new goals
  • design new habits that help you quickly achieve those goals
  • break it down even further and help you dissect what it will take, what resources you need, and how quickly you will achieve it
  • identify your biggest obstacle and take THAT into the arena and allow the horses to help you work through it and make a plan to overcome it.


Step 2: Managing Progress

We do an on-site follow-up 2 weeks later to help you manage and measure your PROGRESS.  We assist in assessing your process and progress, further refining it and adjusting it as needed. Once again, we partner with the horses to help clarify and avoid the avoidable pitfalls.

Your time with us will help you learn how to increase your personal effectiveness and success by creating strategic goals, as well as, developing and maintaining new habits that create change and re-invention.


Personal & Professional Development Package Pricing

A two-session, on-site program (Discovery & Progress). View more information about our Business Development Tools here.
Step 1 – Discovery; 3-4 hours, including 1 hour Equine Assisted Development session $425
Step 2 – Progress; 2 hours, including 1 hour Equine Assisted Development session $250