The Purpose Matrix Package

(Worksheets and Guide)

purpose wall frontThe Purpose Matrix is an incredible discovery tool that evaluates and assesses your 6 Key Categories of Life; Spirit, Mind, Body, Relationships, Career, and Finances.

TEC’s focus for years has been on suicide prevention among Veterans with PTSD and youth struggling with their identity, bullying and their place in life.  We know that if a person has no purpose in life, they have no “lifeline” and are at a monumentally higher risk of suicide.


Proverbs 29:18 reads, “Where there is no vision (purpose), the people perish”.
We searched for an effective tool to help combat this and found nothing.  So we created our own, The Purpose Matrix.

Finding Your Purpose:purpose-matrix
The Purpose Matrix is a tremendously effective discovery tool that helps assess the present condition of a person’s State of Purpose.  While systematically walking through the 6 Key Categories of Life; Spirit, Mind, Body, Relationships, Career, and Finances, it helps to identify where you might be “stuck” and what is preventing you from living your purpose.  It tells you unequivocally, where you are now and gives our treatment teams a roadmap in the arena and with the horses to help you get to where you want to be. We have many clients who attribute their stability, hopefulness, progress AND even the destroying of their long-held suicide note directly to their work in purpose-matrix2The Purpose Matrix.

“The Purpose Matrix is what gives Vets and clients alike, the structure to apply what they’ve learned in the experiential equine activities. It helps to take their learning forward and gives us the opportunity to focus on the “hot spots” that bubble up while completing the Purpose Matrix.

We find it to be an amazing tool and believe it has literally saved lives.”