Veteran’s Wellness Program

Since 2009, Trinity Equestrian Center has worked with hundreds of Veterans and their families, providing thousands of therapy sessions.  83% of the Veterans we work with tell us they are “much better off”, “greatly helped” and “want to live instead of committing suicide”.  That success rate is unprecedented and is the catalyst of offering our unique, 4-part integrated Veteran Wellness Program to other Equine Centers across the globe.

Join us for an intensive 3-day in-person training where you will learn the basics of military service related PTSD, the anatomy of healing and the framework of The Purpose Matrix and why it is so very effective and essential in the healing process and in rediscovering a person’s purpose.

This is hands-on training!  You will practice doing this work, not just hearing about it.  You will spend hours being trained by professionals with over 60 years of collective therapeutic experience as well as actually working with Veterans.

You will learn and practice how to:

  • do an initial assessment
  • conduct well planned but flexible sessions
  • ask what questions when
  • integrate the Purpose Matrix into each session
  • confidently launch, present and support your Veteran Wellness Program

You will leave with:

  • Sample grant request
  • Budget and narrative
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Successful marketing plans

support-troops“I have a deep family history of military service all the way back to my grandfather in WWI.  Both my Mom and Dad were WWII Vets, my husband, brothers, uncles and cousins are all Veterans.  What they saw and had to do made a great impact on their psyche and spirit.  It changes a person for life and often creates in them a discontent, a disconnect and in some, a rage that can derail their entire life.  This is why we do what we do.

Our Veteran Wellness Program uses our home-grown, four-part integrated model; EAGALA, PATH Int., Horsemanship and Prayer.   It’s innovative, engaging, enjoyable and incredibly effective.  On top of that, our three treatment teams recognize and respect the importance of trust, relationship, loyalty, honor and mission.  This is what sets us apart from the rest and it can do the same for you.”

Toni Mattson; TEC Co-owner, Program Director and founder of TEC’s Veteran Wellness Program.



  • On-Site 3-Day Program (Our Facility) $1,500/Person (2 person/min)
  • Off-Site 3-Day Program (Your Facility) $3,500 (unlimited attendees) + cost of tools and travel expenses for Two Trainers
  • Discounts are available for multiples from the same organization