Wounded Women Program

(Complete 8-week group curriculum)

Relationships can be a double edged sword.  A source of healing and growth, or pain and injury.

WW2Did you know that:
•    1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime
•    1 in 6 have experienced an attempt or completion of rape
•    Only 25% of physical assault is reported to the authorities
•    83% of the children in the home have likely been abused as well

Regaining a Sense of Value and Worth:
Horses are superb at cultivating relationships.  They deeply desire to connect. This unique connection with something so majestic, empowering and so non-judgmental, seems “too good to be true” for the ladies in our Equine Assisted Therapy Group for Wounded Women.  These ladies are victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

How We Help:
Our 8-week Wounded Women program help women regain their self-confidence, image and esteem by building a relationship with 1100-pound furry therapist and our Treatment Team. We have three teams on staff that consists of a WI Lic. Therapist, a Certified Equine Specialist and one or more therapy horses. These teams help them redefine their identity, their God-given purpose and what their future holds.WW1

This uncommon progress is entirely based on trust, the highest and most valued commodity for both horses and women survivors of violence.  To be transparent, vulnerable and authentic are high priced traits that must be utilized in order to begin the healing process.

P.D. James said “When you change how a person sees themselves, you change their future.”

The women who go thru our program, will walk away with a new positive foundation of “SELF”.  They will be different women, not victims but survivors in every sense.


Wounded Women Program $600.00